Charitable Giving

LAWN irrigation in Connecticut 

Maxum Irrigation is a family-owned company, staffed and operated by longtime residents of Waterford, Connecticut. We take pride in helping our community not only look its best, but for our citizens to be their best as well. We understand that sometimes people need a little extra help to accomplish that. 



How can we help YOU

Has your school choir been chosen to compete for a prestigious prize on the other side of the country? Has your congregation outgrown your church? Is your civic club collecting prizes for its annual charity ball? Maxum Irrigation is happy to help! Scroll down for instructions on requesting a charitable contribution. 

Keeping it LOCAL

Maxum Irrigation is proud to be of service whenever and wherever we can to schools, charities, civic and the community. If you are uncertain whether or not your need falls within this area, please call during normal business hours and we will happily answer your questions. 
Irrigation system install in Waterford
Landscaping contractors welcome!
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