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Nothing lasts forever, including sprinkler systems. If your sprinkler system is showing the ill effects of age or faulty design, Maxum Irrigation can get it back to doing the job you intended it to do in the first place. Don't have a sprinkler system? We can design one for you that keeps your lawn, flowerbeds, trees and gardens radiant and healthy, while still keeping an eye on water conservation. Call our technicians in Waterford, Connecticut for an appointment and enjoy the fruits of your labor, or the vegetables! 
Irrigation system spray watering lawn in Waterford
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The BEST ADVERTISING money can't buy

At Maxum Irrigation, we don't have to shout from the mountaintops about how great we are. Our satisfied customers have been happy to do that for us for over 17 years! The bulk of our business comes from customer accolades and word of mouth referrals. Can the other guys say that? If not, call the guys who can - Maxum Irrigation in Waterford, Connecticut! 
Irrigation system spray watering lawn in Waterford
Very knowledgeable, amazing customer service!
- Sean C., Google

Community pride, a COMPANY CREED

Maxum Irrigation is owned and operated by long-time residents of Waterford, Connecticut. We give back to our community in many ways, from supporting school sports teams to helping local families in their time of need. For specifics, check out our Charitable Giving page, and call Maxum Irrigation for a quote or to make an appointment! 

"Good enough" is not GOOD ENOUGH

Imagine how the world would be if businesses were satisfied with being rated "just OK." At Maxum Irrigation, we take pride in not only meeting our clients expectations, but knocking them out of the park. If your dealings with other sprinkler companies has just been "meh," call the folks who'd rather you say, "yeah!"
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